Commercial Building Inspections

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Property Condition Assessment (PCA)

A commercial Property Condition Assessment standard of practice was established by ASTM International referred to as ASTM E2018 PCA.  The purpose of this document is to define good commercial and customary practice for conducting a baseline property condition assessment on commercial buildings and was formed as a guideline.

Thermal Imaging is a vital component of a commercial building inspection.  Although many other inspection companies exclude it or charge extra for it, infrared thermal imaging is included in all my commercial building inspections. This technology is instrumental in diagnosing building envelope leaks, electrical hot spots, loss of energy and much more.

Commercial Property Investors / Buyers

You have found a potential property investment in the Northern California Wine Country that will suit your needs and it shows promising growth in equity and profits.  With my experience in inspecting a diverse range of commercial properties, I can supply you with a commercial property condition assessment report that will further reduce the financial risk you are about to undertake.  This report can be used as a tool for your negotiations.

The purpose of the Physical Condition Survey was to evaluate the building's structural condition and the performance of the principal building systems.  Choose only a professional commercial inspector who will inspect and report on every area.  Only if destructive discovery is required should a contractor be called in.

With each commercial building inspection or property condition assessment performed, I work directly with the client to final delivery of the completed report.

All commercial properties are inspected for ADA Compliance.   

Bed & Breakfasts, Inns, Motels, Rental Cottages, Resorts

Breakers Inn - Gualala
Ocean View Lodge - Fort Bragg
Fensalden Inn - Albion            Brannan Cottage Inn - Calistoga
              B&B - Lucerne                Sunset Resort - Clearlake

              Ocean View Lodge - Fort Bragg        Rainbow Lodge - Lakeport   Shoreline Cottages - Fort Bragg



Shokawah - Hopland           Garcia River Casino - Point Arena

Apartments, Condos, Cottage Complexes

12 Units - Fort Bragg                                    8 Cottages - Sebastopol

  7 Units - Fort Bragg

Office Buildings

Insurance Offices -Fort Bragg              Legal Offices - Lakeport           Doctor'sOffice - Napa

          Dental Offices - Fort Bragg
                         Offices - Clearlake                  Offices - Middletown
Veterinary Clinic - Fort Bragg  

                   Offices - Santa Rosa                     Offices - Santa Rosa

  Retail Buildings & Retail Complexes

                    Retail - Clearlake                                     Retail - Fort Bragg                         Retail - Santa Rosa

Truck Stop - Upper Lake             Complex - Hidden Valley Lake                  Center Expansion - Lakeport

               5 Store Complex - Ukiah                            Grocery Strip Shopping Center - Middletown

BMW Dealership - Windsor


       Subway -Hopland              Carls Jr - Clearlake    

Wineries and Vinyard Estates

Philo                                St. Helena                                 Sonoma

Other Types of Commercial Building Inspections

Warehouse + Office Building - Lower Lake


Historical House - Elk          Rec Center - Petaluma                 Storage Facility - Nice

Auto Dealer - Ukiah                                                       Nursing Home - Clearlake


 WalMart Remodel - Clearlake

Most of these commercial building inspections are for buildings that are being transferred to a new owner.  Some of these inspections were for new construction, done at each stage of construction from the ground up, done over a  period of months and in some cases up to a year.


   Commercial Building Inspector, 2015 - Carson Dunlop Weldon

   Commercial Building Inspector, 2014 - International Code Council

    Commercial Building Inspector, 2008 - Present - National Association of Commercial Building Inspectors


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